The Bakery

Daily Selection of delectable Pasties and Desserts by Chef Randy Posenauer

Jumbo Cookies $2.25

Chewy Chocolate Chip, Gluten Free Peanut Butter, Caramel by the Sea, Lemon Glazed, M&M

Breakfast Pastries $2.95

Cinnamon Rolls, Vanilla Pocket, Berry Basket, Peaches and Cream, Apple Puff, Coconut Turnover

Scones $2.75

Red Velvet Daisy Cupcake $4.00

Cheesecake with Raspberry or Caramel $5.00

Lemon Greta (Lemon Yogurt Cake) $5.00

Chocolate Mousse Cake $6.00

Mousse Roll $3.50

Desserts are updated frequently so check back for more Deliciousness