Saturday Feb. 16th Soups

Saturday’s Soups are Bacon and Lentil and Pork Posole. 🙂

Friday Dec. 15th Soups

Friday’s Soups are Clam Chowder and Sesame Chicken With Rice. Join us for Lunch. 🙂

Thursday Feb. 14th Soups.

Today’s soups are Creamy Chicken with Rice and Beans and Greens with Italian Sausage. Happy Valentines Day! 🙂

Wednesday Feb. 13th Soups

Wednesday’s Soups are Pork Posole and Roasted Butternut Squash Bisque. 🙂

Featured Sandwich For Feb 12th to the 15th (Tues to Fri)

Our Featured Sandwich this week is the Parmesan Chicken Panini. A Hand Breaded Chicken Breast with Parmesan and Mozzarella Cheeses and House Made Marinara Sauce served on a Parmesan Crusted Telera Roll. 🙂

Tuesday Feb. 12th Soups

We are serving Cream of Mushroom and Lentil and Bacon Soups Today. See you at the Lunchbox. 🙂

Monday Feb. 11th Soups

Monday’s soups are Cheesy Broccoli and Beef Barley. 🙂

Saturday Feb. 9th Soups

The Soups for Saturday are Chicken Enchilada and Spanish Tomato and Red Pepper. 🙂

Friday Feb. 8th Soups

Friday’s Soups Are Clam Chowder and Irish Cabbage Soup. See you at the Lunchbox. 🙂

Thursday Feb. 7th Soup

Our Soups for Thursday are White Lightning Chicken Chili and zucchini Bisque. 🙂

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